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If you have an eligible NFT, simply sign a message through your wallet and you're in!


Take part in selecting the best NFTs by expressing your opinion. Your vote matters!


Win the FLEXART certificate for the highest voted NFT and a giveaway for a lucky voter.

What is...?

Proof of Subjective Rarity

Our #PoSR technology detects the subjective value of NFTs without relying on automated computer algorithms. Instead, it harnesses the power of social technology by leveraging the personal subjective perception of the community. Through this approach, we enhance the perceived rarity of NFTs and increase their value.

The #PoSR then coverts this significance into a quantifiable, objective value via the FLEXART certificate. By recognizing the impact of subjective perception on value, we provide a unique and valuable usecase to the NFT ecosystem.

"Subjective value is influenced by subjective perception, resulting in subjective rarity." - Blockhero

What's currently running?


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Why Flexart?

It's the best way to flex

New NFT Use Case

Here, the focus is from an aesthetic point of view to provide an additional use case for the NFT world. Finally, you have the opportunity to show off your NFT and get direct community feedback via a well-designed and intuitive user interface.


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What is FLEXART?

It’s simply an NFT-platform, where NFT-holders can show and participate with their NFT's and where the community is about to vote for them or not. It doesn't matter how expensive your NFT is or how "rare it is". It's crucial how rare it looks for the community. You just get the vote, if your NFT will convince the voters. Beauty is in the eye of the community. Do you dare to compete against all the other holders? Your NFT is more than mathematical objective art in a wallet, based on algorithmic calculated rules. Unleash it! Let the community vote it rare! Let your NFT be the ONE!

How can we quantify subjective value?

Using the Proof of Subjective Rarity, FLEXART determines the subjective value of your NFT. Proof of value is provided by the voters. This proof is presented quantitatively in an understandable point system.

How to support FLEXART?

We are very happy that you want to support us. You can do that in different ways.

  • Follow us on social media and share our project.
  • Feel free to tell your friends about FLEXART.
  • We are always open to suggestions for improvement.
  • Of course we would also appreciate a financial donation.

You are welcome to donate on flexart.eth

Can I start a competition myself?

We are glad that you are interested in showing your collection on FLEXART. You can always contact us through our social media channels. We will try to answer you promptly to discuss a publication.

Who we are?

The Flexart Team



Founder, Innovation Catalyst

Visionary Marketing Strategist, blending technical and legal expertise to craft innovative growth strategies and resonate with target audience.



Founder, Creative Disruptor

Blockchain Market and Tech Expert, with 6 years of practical industry experience, providing valuable insights and guidance in this dynamic field.



Founder, Backend Developer

Web3 Engineer and Technical Specialist, expert in backend development and secure smart contracts, leveraging deep blockchain knowledge.



Founder, Frontend Developer

Frontend Expert with 15 years of experience, creating intuitive interfaces that enhance user experience and quality-driven approach.



Creative Supporter

KC is a highly creative artist with powerful vibes. His energy is truly amazing, and his art is simply kickin'! As a Creative Flexart Supporter, he'll help spread the word and assist in onboarding new members.

Who collaborates with us?

Flexart Collaborations

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